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Are you stressed, afraid, or having chronic pain? Is flying a problem? Do you struggle to lose weight? Have stop-smoking systems failed you time and time again? These and many other common problems exist in your mind. Would you like to change them?

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal state of mind that people go in and out of frequently. People have the misconception that hypnosis is mind control or loss of awareness, but it’s actually more like meditation. The state of hypnosis is very similar to what’s known as “runner’s high” or “being in the zone.”. With hypnotherapy, patients knowingly enter this hypnotic state; then Dr. Sandler helps them modify or remove the barriers that are involved with the problem.

What conditions, or behaviors, can hypnosis or hypnotherapy address?

Hypnosis can help with many problems It has also been useful for alleviating stress, anxiety, fears (for example, fear of flying or dentistry), boosting self-confidence, and in pain management, healing, and other situations.

  • Stess, anxiety, fears
  • Pain and healing
  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Increasing confidence

Can hypnosis work for everyone?

Yes, although some people respond better to suggestion than others. People can enter different levels of hypnosis. What is required is a willingness and desire for change. The ability to focus can help a person more quickly and effectively enter a hypnotic state.A deep hypnotic state is not always necessary to accomplish a person’s goals; a light state is usually adequate.

A hypnotic state is natural . Have you ever driven somewhere and not really noticed the drive? Have you read a book, or seen a good movie and not noticed how much time has passed? People go into and out of this state frequently... With hypnosis, we help you use that experience to make a useful change.

Will I remember the session? Will I do things I wouldn't usually do, or discuss subjects I'd rather not discuss?

Yes, you will remember what happens under hypnosis., and no, you will not do (or say) anything that you don’t want to do during your dental visit.

What should I expect at my first visit?

We will gather general information and your medical history, then discuss your concerns and goals, or what you want to achieve. Dr. Sandler will explain the process and answer all of your questions. He will then go through a basic session to introduce you to hypnotherapy. Most people find this introduction normal, natural, and very relaxing.

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